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posting / оприходование
имя существительное
имя существительное
an appointment to a job, especially one abroad or in the armed forces.
he requested a posting to Japan
a message, link, image, etc., posted to an online location such as a blog, social media website, or forum.
Internet service providers can't be held liable for defamatory postings
display (a notice) in a public place.
a curt notice had been posted on the door
send (a letter or parcel) via the postal system.
I've just been to post a letter
(in bookkeeping) enter (an item) in a ledger.
post the transaction in the second column
travel with relays of horses.
we posted in an open carriage
send (someone) to a particular place to take up an appointment.
he was posted to Washington as military attaché
I recall that the Claimant was keen to take up this post otherwise he would not have specifically requested this posting .
The incident was unnerving enough to persuade the correspondent to request a change of posting .
His first major posting was as the BBC's Ireland correspondent in the early 1970s.
He has experienced a wide range of responsibilities during his political career, but his move to Hillsborough presents him with his toughest posting yet.
Norway was an attractive posting because of its quality of life
The foreign posting was initially an adventure: an exotic voyage aboard a liner from Cobh, a new school, and a place in American university.
Her first Army posting was as the Matron of the 2nd / 3rd Australian General Hospital.
Ironically, he carries some baggage to his new posting .
he requested a posting to Japan
He was something of an opportunist who took advantage of this posting to repair his finances.