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posthumous / посмертный, рожденный после смерти отца
имя прилагательное
posthumous, post-mortem, necrologic
рожденный после смерти отца
имя прилагательное
occurring, awarded, or appearing after the death of the originator.
he was awarded a posthumous Military Cross
Two Bills are now dealing with matters of posthumous citizenship are before the U.S. House of Representatives.
He was of Border descent, but was born in or near London, the posthumous son of a clergyman.
He did award posthumous medals of honor to the families of several soldiers on 22 April 1971 and on several other occasions.
Parliamentarians were concerned about inheritance rights in instances where a dead man's estate or property is dispersed before a posthumous child is born.
Born in London the posthumous son of a clergyman and trained by his stepfather as a bricklayer, Jonson became a mercenary, then an actor and leading playwright.
For others, however, the reasons for the posthumous fame are more complex.
Bolingbroke's many posthumous publications excited intense controversy in the decade which immediately followed his death.
No more so, surely, than his concern for the posthumous publication of his works.
Matters are complicated by the wife of his brother, who has given birth to Bobby's posthumous son, and added into the equation is their welfare.
Both women achieved posthumous fame, but the facts of their deaths are vile.