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postgrad / послевузовские
Very soon I'll have been out of postgrad study for as long as I was a postgrad , so my claims still to be bruised by that experience can't really stand up for much longer… can they?
Then I went and got a postgrad in arts administration - which led me more into the field I'm in now.
I first saw it in '96 as part of a postgrad module on terrorism and counter-insurgency and thought it was fantastic.
‘Be cool, stay in school’ is indoctrinated into students from preschool to postgrad , but the entrepreneurial impulse is not always suited to college.
I've basically been working on my essay which is due in next week (last essay for my postgrad uni course thank god!) and just bumming around.
School is getting better and better, I've started studying for my postgrad Dip and I've got a budget in place, and promised visitors from home, as well as some good friends here.
He did his postgrad at a university in Brussels.
There are some exceptions in the financial services sector, where a degree in business, commerce or mathematics and a postgrad in IT can still secure an IT position.
They are willing to sponsor a student or two to take postgrad qualifications in shortage areas such as e-Commerce.
As a postgrad student in Kentucky in the late 1960s, I was paid what seemed a small fortune to teach drama.