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posterity / потомство, последующие поколения
имя существительное
progeny, seed, posterity, breed, issue, generation
последующие поколения
имя существительное
all future generations of people.
the victims' names are recorded for posterity
So this picture records for posterity a scene of village life that has been lost forever.
She stood filming the whole spectacle with her video camera - as if there weren't enough cameras around to record the event for posterity .
But hasten to say that if those revelations were a mere fabrication, then let posterity judge us as a nation.
The goal of Enoch's prayer, and Mahalalel's command, is to preserve the posterity of the righteous.
Special occasions are recorded for posterity by the subjects themselves.
the victims' names are recorded for posterity
A photographer recorded the event for posterity and departed.
Scorebooks can reveal the statistics, and the result of matches is recorded for posterity .
In those days, I never went anywhere without my trusty camera, so I even recorded it for posterity .
the victims' names are recorded for posterity