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poster / плакат, афиша, объявление
имя существительное
poster, placard, broadsheet, bill, broadside
poster, bill, placard, affiche, show bill, notice
ad, advertisement, declaration, announcement, advert, poster
имя прилагательное
advertise, promote, tout, publicize, sell, poster
имя существительное
a large printed picture used for decoration.
Art is not alien; we all have pictures, posters and decorations hanging on our walls at home.
a person who posts something online, as on a blog, social media website, or forum.
Do a search and you will find newsgroups posters exclaiming the phrases and leaving puzzled and angry observers.
put up posters in an area.
illegal postering in downtown Montreal
He even convinced a couple of advertising types to come up with an identical poster campaign to the one that he had already created.
Unlike a print or a poster , catalog sheets and computer screens never do it justice.
A poster campaign has now been extended to include public buildings such as libraries and leisure centres.
As he was walking down it, he noticed an announcement poster to the side of him that caught his eye.
The poster and press advertising campaign will run until early next year.
It can be an original painting or reproduction, a poster , print or photo.
she put up a huge poster
poster campaign
The protestors have begun a poster campaign to publicise their case.
I think the first place I saw the poster advertisement was right outside the auditorium.