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postdoctoral / после защиты докторской диссертации
имя прилагательное
после защиты докторской диссертации
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or denoting research undertaken after the completion of doctoral research.
a postdoctoral fellowship
He continued his postdoctoral research in Liverpool and Sweden before moving on to the University of Southampton.
It was an impressive piece of work and it led to him being awarded a National Research Council Fellowship to enable him to undertake postdoctoral study at Princeton.
Applicants for the postdoctoral research award, including co-investigators, must have a doctoral degree.
In the fall he will be heading to Yale to take up a postdoctoral research position.
The company often looks for Indians who completed postdoctoral studies in the United States or Europe and then returned to India for employment.
Training the next generation of research leaders needs to be done not just at the doctoral or postdoctoral level but at more senior levels.
Research positions at the postdoctoral level are very hard to achieve and they are in any case strictly limited in time.
The way this usually works is you get a postdoctoral fellowship and work with another professor on his or her research.
Some postdoctoral fellows are supported from research grants to the host laboratory.
The building offers accommodation to graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students, as well as visiting professors and their family members.