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postcode / почтовый индекс
имя существительное
почтовый индекс
zip code, postcode
имя существительное
a group of numbers or letters and numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail.
The review will not affect postal addresses, postcodes or the catchment area of schools.
The recorded message then asks people to enter a postcode and house number, when they learn they have not won.
They will only be available to people with a Burnley postcode until the end of next week when they will go on general sale.
Companies therefore go to great lengths to ensure that people disclose their postcode .
Using the postcode at birth we identified subjects living within 1 km of a transmission line.
There was no accompanying letter and the postcode was missed off the address.
You type in your postcode and the site will create a form letter addressed to your MP, on to which you scribble your thoughts.
postcode sectors
he sorted the post by postcode
You can check which postcodes are in areas covered by the ‘disadvantaged’ area rules on the Inland Revenue website - or call into any Inland Revenue enquiry office.
We could not adjust for deprivation as the ethical considerations meant that we were not allowed to extract strong patient identifiers, such as postcodes .