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postcard / открытка, почтовая карточка
имя существительное
card, postcard, postal
почтовая карточка
имя существительное
a card for sending a message by mail without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side.
His pictures have featured on a set of postcards and greetings cards sold in aid of the Asperger Society.
he promised to send me a picture postcard
As Jane said this week, a blog is ‘a cross between a postcard and a message in a bottle’.
Sending normal e-mail is like sending a postcard through the mail - anyone can read it.
It was a photograph that was on the back of a postcard, and on the postcard there was a note to my father.
Some of the messages written on the back of the tulip postcards are so sweet and encouraging.
Postcards can depict places where your family once lived and the messages written on postcards can add to your knowledge.
The opposite pages housed postcards and pictures, decorated with her cute and colourful doodles.
She sends messages from my parents, who are waiting for postcards and letters they can hold in their hands.
Handmade greetings cards and postcards , made by a Whixley resident, will also be on sale.
Then we stop at Santa's post office where we get special stamps for our postcards .