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postbox / почтовый ящик
имя существительное
почтовый ящик
mailbox, postbox, post, letter-box
It was a nondescript little apartment, its front door facing the road, with naught but a small dented metal postbox stuffed with junk mail and a window with a purple curtain to look at.
Gordon reckoned there was no need for the leaflets to be delivered as there was a postbox at the beginning of his driveway.
Those who do agree to participate will be supplied with a postbox , which An Post say is high quality, attractive and weather-proof.
I fell asleep for a while then got off at the Mini Mart and stopped by my postbox to see if I had any mail.
To cut down on distances covered by postmen, An Post want householders living more than 10 metres from the road to take a roadside postbox , rather than the postman delivering to their door.
The postbox was right in front of the gate, thank you.
I got a CD in the mail, but the postie just shoved the package halfway into the postbox slot and cracked half the CD cover.
However at the moment An Post are finding that some businesses are not open to receive their mail and do not have suitable postboxes .
They also ban over-sized satellite dishes, wacky postboxes , and untoward lawn ‘statuary.’
Think how many trees and litres of water could be conserved if marketing companies stopped stuffing postboxes with advertising.