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postage / почтовая оплата, почтовые расходы, почтовый сбор
имя существительное
почтовая оплата
почтовые расходы
почтовый сбор
имя существительное
the sending or conveying of letters and parcels by mail.
the free postage that members of Congress enjoy
As I was unable to produce proof of postage or purchase the matter was referred to Post Office Ltd, Belfast.
Consider all the steps involved in a project, from the time you spend creating it all the way through to postage or follow-up calls.
the calendar is available for $15.95 including postage and handling
Internet providers customarily charge a flat rate for a server that can be used to send email, and there's no postage required on email.
Unsolicited manuscripts or photographs should be accompanied by return postage .
the free postage that members of Congress enjoy
Each stamp costs about double the price of generic first-class postage .
It can also be obtained from the same address for £6.98, including postage and packing.
rates of postage for Europe
Resources for postage , travel, and specialist items of equipment are likely to be limited.