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post-mortem / посмертный
имя прилагательное
posthumous, post-mortem, necrologic
имя существительное
вскрытие трупа
autopsy, necropsy, post-mortem, necroscopy, post-mortem examination
autopsy, necropsy, necroscopy, post-mortem
обсуждение игры после ее окончания
подвергать вскрытию
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a postmortem.
a postmortem report
имя существительное
an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death.
We suspect septicemia because of the maggot bites and the conditions in which he was found but we can only tell once the post-mortem results are in.
In October he issued a report to the police estimating a post-mortem interval of 24 hours.
A post-mortem declaration of genius, by its very nature, falls on the deafened ears of the one who wishes to hear it the most.
The in situ position of many of these jaws is of considerable interest and suggests that post-mortem disturbance of the ammonite was not great.
Few sporadic reports describe post-mortem changes in human brain of heat stress victims.
Many of the interior molds exhibit evidence of post-mortem distortion prior to preservation and solution of the carapace.
When I agreed to do a post-mortem on the Saskatchewan provincial election, I initially thought I would just do a ‘report.’
His body was brought to Sligo General Hospital where a post-mortem was carried out yesterday, Monday.
The party will hold its post-mortem on the election and the loss of support in its traditional heartlands.
Depending on the strain of virus and how it reacts, post-mortem findings are very variable.