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post-industrial / постиндустриальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to an economy that no longer relies on heavy industry.
a postindustrial society
Parents came to accept the need for all children in an advanced- or post-industrial economy to remain in school.
The Salzburg model cities are post-industrial entities - in many cases made by trade, which is now passing them by.
This is the giant unwritten headline of our post-industrial economy.
In our post-industrial age, would this radical government intervention grind capitalism to a halt?
You are not someone who is a new-age thinker, a post-industrial economist, putting those views.
But the post-industrial core's economy as a whole will continue to be like an airplane with only one working engine.
In post-industrial economies population density is further intensified, with ever more immigrants flowing into cities.
In post-industrial capitalism, emotion management is commonly performed under economic and business pressures.
The story is the same for other post-industrial economies.
The post-industrial economy has created new kinds of low-paid workers for whom the principle of fighting for your rights remains as sound as it ever was.