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post / пост, должность, почта
имя существительное
fast, fasting, post, office, appointment, seat
post, function, position, office, appointment, place
mail, post, post office
after, post, beyond, behind, next, past
post, by post
на почтовых
имя прилагательное
mail, postal, post, post office
post, hang out, put up, post up
post, stick, paste up, post up, placard, unstick
отправлять по почте
имя существительное
a long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used to support something or as a marker.
follow the blue posts until the track meets a forestry road
an online posting.
Over the summer we had a post about the power internet message boards hold over the making of movies.
the official service or system that delivers letters and parcels.
winners will be notified by post
one of a series of couriers who carried mail on horseback between fixed stages.
a position of paid employment; a job.
he resigned from the post of foreign minister
display (a notice) in a public place.
a curt notice had been posted on the door
send (a letter or parcel) via the postal system.
I've just been to post a letter
(in bookkeeping) enter (an item) in a ledger.
post the transaction in the second column
travel with relays of horses.
we posted in an open carriage
send (someone) to a particular place to take up an appointment.
he was posted to Washington as military attaché
with haste.
come now, come post
subsequent to; after.
American poetry post the 1950s hasn't had the same impact
after in time or order.
So if you, unlike me, know what is going on drop me an email or post a message in the forums and give me some pointers.
Martin struck the rebound inches wide of the right post when a goal would have been the easier option.
Cabinet ministers have had four or more years in post to get a grip of their portfolios and to make an impact.
Sending them by post was a service that has won much appreciation from people.
I post the notice outside my office door, close and lock the door from the inside, and prepare to sleep on the couch.
he deserted his post
Robertson, at the near post, headed wide
Before computers, I used to post one letter a week, which would take me maybe half an hour to write, and it would arrive in a couple of days.
I walked the 200 metres from my house to the village post box to post a letter.
The winners will be notified by post and names will be published in the Gazette on December 10.