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possibly / возможно, по возможности, может быть
perhaps, possibly, potentially, perchance, feasibly, like
по возможности
может быть
maybe, perhaps, possibly, perchance, peradventure, mayhap
perhaps (used to indicate doubt or hesitancy).
he found himself alone, possibly the only surviving officer
in accordance with what is likely or achievable, in particular.
Men are possibly more likely to be unwilling to report it, and are much less likely to be believed if they do.
It simply compromises on quality as piracy is all about quantity and reaping as much profits as possibly can from the tireless efforts of artists.
I really would have to say now that it is about consolidating and it is about avoiding relegation and trying to achieve the best we possibly can.
Our aim - the aim of all of us - should be to make these efforts as successful and productive as we possibly can.
According to political correspondents - and who could possibly doubt anything they would write?
But that move alone can't possibly be enough to account for the projected costs nearly doubling.
These messages possibly indicated the presence of severe mental health issues.
However could you possibly indicate in the next issue that the book is available in all good bookshops.
Even when it appears there's nothing more you could possibly deposit into a handkerchief, your body surprises you once again.
If it is, that would indicate that possibly the boy drowned in this pool.
In addition to posing a strain on relationships, it can also indicate a possibly dangerous and life-threatening disease.