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possessor / владелец, обладатель, владетель
имя существительное
owner, holder, master, proprietor, possessor, wearer
holder, possessor
owner, possessor
имя существительное
a person who owns something or has a particular quality.
his father was the possessor of a considerable fortune
Someone, somewhere is the possessor of a very fertile imagination.
Should you be the proud possessor of a ‘work bag’ or some other receptacle you could not do without feel free to join in.
But for all other articles, including most knives, the onus is on the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the possessor intends to use it to cause injury.
He said that the law which defined the liability of the possessor of land in cases of that kind had been settled for many years.
The copy is supposed to resemble the original (or the spirit of the original) in order to capture the real and to convey the essence of the subject depicted or of its possessor .
While there he represented the Westmorland Schools XV and was the proud possessor of one of only three caps awarded by the school in 1925.
With his Scottish bride in tow, the proud possessor of a chemistry degree from Glasgow University, the young Oriental had set his heart on founding Japan's first whisky distillery.
The wrongful acts of a previous possessor do not therefore diminish the plaintiff's claim in respect of the wrongful acts of a later possessor .
He is the possessor of secrets, the man of self-discipline; he has a ‘knowingness’ of culture, politics, business.
I am the proud possessor of three fine specimens.