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possessive / притяжательный, собственнический
имя прилагательное
proprietary, possessive, property-owning
имя существительное
притяжательный падеж
possessive case, possessive
притяжательное местоимение
possessive pronoun, possessive
имя прилагательное
demanding someone's total attention and love.
as soon as she'd been out with a guy a few times, he'd get possessive
relating to or denoting the case of nouns and pronouns expressing possession.
It's a relational noun, which means that a possessive shows who the noun relates to.
имя существительное
a possessive word or form.
Prenominal possessives (John's car, my hat) normally function as definite expressions.
Oh look, I can understand him feeling very possessive about his budget, he's been working on it a long time, but I think he needs to calm down a bit.
Slowly he was becoming more and more possessive , controlling, demanding.
There were a lot of books that were in the children's names that were burnt, and children are very possessive of their things.
Relations that are implicit in the semantic structure of a possessed noun can affect the range of plausible interpretations of a possessive construction.
But the evidence shows that possessive apostrophes have been dropping like flies for years.
That kiss was like nothing I had felt before and not in a nice way, it was possessive , aggressive and demanding… it scared me.
Naturally, he is very possessive about his collection.
Retrograde Scorpio Venus tends to showcase the acquisitive, possessive , less lovely traits of the Tauran shadow.
It's a relational noun, which means that a possessive shows who the noun relates to.
Actually, today, the possessive and genitive are virtually the same.