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possessed / одержимый, ненормальный, рехнувшийся
имя прилагательное
possessed, demoniac, pixilated, daemonic, demoniacal, demonic
abnormal, insane, deranged, anomalous, mental, possessed
nutty, dotty, possessed, bugs, gonzo, crackers
имя прилагательное
(of a person) completely controlled by an evil spirit.
he can turn into a possessed animal at will
have as belonging to one; own.
I do not possess a television set
(of a demon or spirit, especially an evil one) have complete power over (someone) and be manifested through their speech or actions.
she was possessed by the Devil
have sexual intercourse with (a woman).
maintain (oneself or one's mind or soul) in a state or condition of patience or quiet.
I tried to possess my soul in patience and to forget how hungry I was
Here the Devil can cause the possessed person to say or do evil things.
During the experiment, state-of-the-art neuro-imaging technology will be used to monitor the brain activity of a supposedly possessed man.
I expected to find a possessed fanatic, yet this was not the case.
Pretty soon Ash is the only sane person left, and he must battle the possessed Cheryl and Scott.
Ritual possession may end abruptly when the possessed person becomes limp or falls with exhaustion.
This feature is equally apparent in the story of the healing of the possessed boy.
She was the opposite of possessed ; she was vacated.
An exorcism is a religious rite for driving Satan or evil spirits out of a possessed person, place, or thing.
He is a slightly possessed , haunted, eccentric man; his enemies prefer to say ' insane '.
Possessed individuals often took advantage of their situation to blaspheme or behave in shockingly immoral fashion.