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posse / отряд, полицейский отряд
имя существительное
detachment, squad, party, troop, band, posse
полицейский отряд
posse, platoon
имя существительное
a body of men, typically armed, summoned by a sheriff to enforce the law.
Sheriffs' posses were sent from the mainland with arrest warrants, but Strang, with the help of his lieutenants, evaded capture by skirting the island's shores in a ramshackle boat.
London was the height of hip, with a posse of hot young designers blazing a path through the jaded fashion pack and spawning the ‘Cool Britannia’ era.
Early on a December morning in 1998, a posse of policemen knocked on the door of his country cottage, issued a warrant for his arrest, and spent eight hours searching his property.
My hard work is paying off as each Thursday my posse of party people gets bigger and bigger.
No-neck goons in black turtlenecks and lumpy suit jackets are fine if you want to hit a dance club with a posse , but they are not effective for executives.
He sat in silence through the shareholders’ meeting, and was escorted to and from it by a posse of bodyguards.
Look, if you've got a posse of restless toddlers at home and just want to shut 'em up for 90 minutes, then by all means, bring them to see this movie.
He has charisma, a fabulous new line of hipster clothing, a reality-TV show in development, and a posse of hot young actors swooning over his righteous aura.
Rather than sulking and feeling totally threatened by your pal's posse , share her excitement about her newfound friendships.
A couple of girls in Jessica's posse strolled by and scowled at me.
They where all kisses and hugs until the rest of the posse that had gathered just outside the door came in.