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positively / положительно, решительно, несомненно
strong, decidedly, vigorously, flatly, positively, stoutly
undoubtedly, certainly, doubtless, beyond doubt, no doubt, positively
in a positive way, in particular.
Camp and school partnerships have the potential to positively influence participating students and staff, the schools they come from, and the families to which they return.
But instead he emphasizes the importance of fighting drugs, positively encouraging to continue the misallocation of resources.
Pulse is open to anyone who can prove their ability and dedication to filmmaking, and teams of writers, directors and producers, in particular, are positively encouraged.
During his testimony on Friday, Lewis said Joseph was positively identified by Jones during a line-up at the station.
Three men were detained, but since witnesses failed to positively identify them as the attackers, they will not be charged in this case.
Despite little more than two hours proper sleep and a morning long downpour arguably not too dissimilar from the one that cleansed all but Noah and his posse I started the day quite positively .
some of the diets may be positively dangerous
The market reacted positively to the participation in the elections of Simeon Saxe-Coburg and his economic team.
Some of these drugs are not only unsuitable but positively dangerous.
I am positively surprised how well this really worked out.
Participants responded positively to messages promoting hope, answering questions, and providing CF information.