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positional / позиционный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or determined by position.
the team will be forced to make several positional changes
Twilight competition teams are to provide their own umpire, ball and positional patches.
He wants them to attack more but to do so cerebrally, based on positional interchange, teamwork and variation of passing.
The respective managers made a number of personnel and positional switches.
Laois have made two changes and a number of positional switches for their final game against Carlow.
With six positional changes from their three previous starts, the Blues confirmed their ability and depth across the squad.
Where Moore was quick was not in the legs but in the mind; his positional sense, his reading of the game, were remarkable.
Last week we ran through the positional profiles for first line of defence.
May's big concern about his positional switch is that the England hierarchy may ignore him because he is too much of a utility back.
Kendal began the game quite sharply and took control with generally sound positional awareness and accurate passing.
Elsewhere, there was not a single positional change from the programme.