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posh / шикарный, превосходный
имя прилагательное
chic, posh, plush, swanky, classy, snazzy
excellent, superb, superior, superlative, fine, posh
иметь шикарный вид
имя прилагательное
elegant or stylishly luxurious.
a posh Munich hotel
in an upper-class way.
trying to talk posh
имя существительное
the quality or state of being elegant, stylish, or upper-class.
we finally bought a color TV, which seemed the height of posh
But whilst sounding posh seems to have become deeply unfashionable amongst upper class youth, the lifestyle that goes with posh hasn't.
Its a settee, occasionally a couch if we're feeling posh .
The fact that I was traveling to an exciting new city with a posh hotel room didn't hurt either.
I come from Chigwell don't you know - the posh part of Essex.
Loser buys the winner two rounds of drinks on opening night at the hotel's posh bar.
For my birthday, my friends and I ended up in Harry's Bar, a very posh and luxurious bar in a posh and luxurious part of town.
When I first joined, after I'd been in art school, I was understudying and they thought I was posh because I didn't happen to have a broad Glasgow accent.
And we didn't see much of him until recently (too posh for us lot, some say) but now his mother is seriously ill and, to give him his due, he visits her every couple of days.
And he saw the cubs and adults roistering on the huge expanse of lawn that belonged to the posh street running parallel to Hillside Drive.
Be it a midnight operation to nab criminals or surprise raid on luxurious houses in posh localities, she is always there to lead from the front.