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poseur / позер, ломака
имя существительное
poseur, pseud
poseur, poseuse
He was a braggart and a poseur , who frequently tripped himself up by telling inconsistent versions of the same story.
With a market that's quick to call a poseur a poseur , authenticity was a real concern, so the licensing program was surrounded by a slew of supplementary initiatives that support the audience.
I don't go into a pub to be seen by a mob of bleedin’ style poseurs , I go there to have a pint with me mates.
But unlike the playa poseurs and iced-out bling-bling rappers still living in their parents' basements, this group had no delusions of grandeur when they wrote songs about living the high life.
The truth of the matter is that real sport takes place in winter; summer sports are for poseurs who affect to enjoy sport, but treat it mainly as an excuse for socialising.
While the politics of the event will be childish, at least the music on offer will be immeasurably better than the '80s new-wave poseurs who dominated Live Aid.
Weingartner seems to be agonised by the fact that today's twenty-year-olds are the ‘used car generation’, voyeurs and poseurs who have nothing to express but a lack of confidence and narcissism full of envy.
For what's supposed to be the cream of our creative and cultural communities, the seemingly endless parade of poseurs parroting the same anti-free trade mantra showed a distinct lack of creativity.
I'm not one of these indie poseurs who only feels self-validation when they are listening to a band playing a series of bad, distorted chords that they and only two other poseurs in the world have even heard of.
But after that, she declined into a fog of faux gaiety; of endless tedium alleviated by white-trash boyfriends, spongers, snobs and poseurs .