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pose / поза
имя существительное
pose, posture, position, attitude, stance, plant
pose, sit, posture, peacock
set out, pose, set forth, state, expound, put
formulate, pose, represent, enunciate, redact, couch
имя существительное
a particular way of standing or sitting, usually adopted for effect or in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.
photographs of boxers in ferocious poses
a particular way of behaving adopted in order to give others a false impression or to impress others.
the man dropped his pose of amiability
present or constitute (a problem, danger, or difficulty).
the sheer number of visitors is posing a threat to the area
assume a particular attitude or position in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.
she posed for a swarm of TV cameramen
behave affectedly in order to impress others.
some people like to drive these cars, but most just like to pose in them
puzzle or perplex (someone) with a question or problem.
we have thus posed the mathematician and the historian
A leader in the magazine even suggests that Camilla's Roman Catholicism will pose no constitutional difficulty.
He's photographed in a graceful pose of dance, his facial expression and gesticulations unmistakably feminine.
Then as now, the anti-war forces adopted a pose of moral superiority, but were in fact led by traitors, criminals and terrorists.
To justify the death penalty, the Texas sentencing jury has to find that the defendant will always pose a risk of danger to others.
We removed the bottle and struck a serious pose for the photograph, which made him laugh.
Plus, artists will pose with attendees for photos that can later be framed and displayed in their galleries.
As she speaks she adopts the pose of a sexually assured and admired woman, drawing down one strap of her petticoat to reveal and stroke a glamorous neck and chest.
The ageing population will pose an increasing problem.
When she noticed only Giovanni in the room she frowned and dropped her pose , looking disappointed.
He merely adopted the pose of telling uncomfortable truths to his own side; in reality he belonged in the conservative camp all along.