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portray / изобразить, изображать, описывать
portray, picture
depict, portray, represent, paint, describe, image
describe, depict, report, declare, portray, circumscribe
depict (someone or something) in a work of art or literature.
the author wanted to portray a new type of hero
His rich experience in the field helps him portray each character better year after year.
he chose Trevor Howard to portray Captain Bligh
Early depictions of Cain portray him as a bearded man holding a sheaf of grain in one hand and vine-bearing grapes in the other.
It is tempting for trendy writers to portray him as a tool of rich imperialists oppressing the poor convicts.
The compilation of this report if attempting to portray an unbiased account should have mentioned the Palestinian casualties.
Some of the characters do not yet have pictures to portray them.
All these descriptions of Scotland portray Scotland as a place where the agents of darkness have shrouded the land.
Detailed research allows the group to portray aspects of later Roman life which have, until recently, been largely overlooked.
Other reports, however, appear to portray a system in deep financial trouble.
Do the cameras and reporters only see, or want to portray , the demeaning of America?