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portraiture / портрет, портретная живопись, изображение
имя существительное
portrait, picture, portraiture, likeness, record
портретная живопись
picture, image, icon, representation, depiction, portraiture
имя существительное
the art of creating portraits.
The panel received little in the way of direct attention at this time; indeed, Romantic-era understandings of art history and portraiture were not conducive to an appreciation of the panel.
The strong undertone of moral earnestness, never preached, gives a stability and force to the vivid portraiture , and prevents the satiric touches from degenerating into mere malice.
While there are a few, very minor factual errors, the general span and scope of the book, not to mention the detailed portraiture of the ballerina in her world, are admirable.
A better definition would hold that caricature is an artistic mode, usually in the form of a portraiture , in which the characteristic features of the subject are presented in a way that deforms or exaggerates their shape for comic effect.
And with the return of representational art has come the revival of portraiture , which, according to gallery owners and the artists themselves, is thriving and strong.
To this end, she mines the unlikely genre of amateur portraiture , not the legacy of the modernist avant-garde, creating idiosyncratic works, as alluring as they are critical.
From an art-history perspective, the lesson teaches about sculpture and portraiture and the differences between two- and three-dimensional art and real and expressive art.
He could not abide the notion that his one-time protégé had developed independent projects such as a book on Picasso's portraiture or an exhibition of the works of Gris.
Turner elevated English landscape painting from its inferior position below history painting and portraiture and gave it a new expressive role.
These works could have served as crucial threads to be brought together for an understanding of Rembrandt's unique vision and how he saw himself, his reinvention of history painting and transformation of portraiture .
his strength as a novelist lay in his portraiture of upper-class families