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portrait / портрет, изображение, описание
имя существительное
portrait, picture, portraiture, likeness, record
picture, image, icon, representation, depiction, portrait
description, specification, depiction, definition, declaration, portrait
имя прилагательное
vertical, upright, erect, plumb, portrait, upstanding
имя существительное
a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.
His exploits were commemorated in a series of paintings, portraits and engravings.
(of a page, book, or illustration, or the manner in which it is set or printed) higher than it is wide.
you can print landscape and portrait pages in the same document
The computer does this and can rotate the screen from landscape to portrait mode.
The heroine was played by Rita Luna, and her portrait was painted by Goya.
McCarthy's film is really a portrait of the risks and rewards of letting others see your vulnerable side.
His portrait by Gentile Bellini faces the visitor entering the first of the Ottoman rooms.
The portrait mode will result in a sharp object and blurred background, for instance.
The screen will also adjust between a landscape and portrait view according to the content.
The picture above is from a engraving made from a portrait from life.
The film is an intimate portrait of a woman and her mission of assassination.
the writer builds up a fascinating portrait of a community
What was your first collaboration and what led you to honor him with this film portrait ?