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portmanteau / чемодан, дорожная сумка, баул
имя существительное
suitcase, case, trunk, bag, valise, portmanteau
дорожная сумка
traveling bag, portmanteau, port
trunk, portmanteau
языковая контаминация
portmanteau, portmanteau word
имя существительное
a large trunk or suitcase, typically made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts.
Luggage labels are those elegant, postcardlike stickers that first adorned the portmanteaus of the well traveled back in the late 19th century.
Granger and Newbold caution against the exclusive reliance on the portmanteau tests for model adequacy.
This refers to an episode that took place during the Parnell Commission when the politician claimed that mice got into his portmanteau and devoured some important documents.
What was presumably intended as a multi-layered portmanteau pic was thus boiled down into only two episodes.
Yet it does have the feeling of an academic's large portmanteau , one quickly stuffed with odd books, papers and mismatched socks, rather cumbersome for lighter travel.
Herrera's portmanteau style and ludic impulse constitute a form of visual jabberwocky, in which the familiar is confidently manipulated and destabilized.
I had no idea where he had found the black portmanteau .
Adam emerged from his bedroom carrying his portmanteau , which he placed on the floor close to the door.
Shot on digital video, this juxtaposes the lives of three women in a portmanteau movie which arguably goes about its business with less fuss than The Hours.
a portmanteau movie composed of excerpts from his most famous films
The handbook is a portmanteau category that covers the contemporary publications of sporting bodies, professional and trade associations, churches, universities, etc.