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portly / дородный, полный, осанистый
имя прилагательное
burly, stout, portly, corpulent, full, obese
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, portly
имя прилагательное
(especially of a man) having a stout body; somewhat fat.
Her portly body was perched on a small stool precariously, looking like she would fall off if she shifted even slightly.
of a stately or dignified appearance and manner.
he was a man of portly presence
Jack has the body of a portly , suited figure much given to lunching.
Our tester was burdened with a 10-pound snowboard strapped to his already portly pack.
Daddy, mustachioed and portly , wasn't there to monitor Aradhana's improvements.
We also had a memorable discussion about the portly professor Natalie had in school who was actually from Transylvania.
Jenkins neglected to mention one key argument, though: Americans are a portly group.
Also I realized Heather would be there and while I love her, she's very tall and when I am around tall people I feel extremely portly .
Frankel leaned his portly , balding, middle-age frame against a wall while he studied the past performance statistics of the horses in the fifth.
Ever since the breakup and subsequent divorce, Jack had told close friends and family members that he would've been a-okay if Marley cheated on him with some portly slob.
Callista eyed the two portly cooks sceptically.
A portly British statesman once famously said that ‘democracy is based on reason and fair play.’