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portion / часть, порция, доля
имя существительное
part, portion, piece, section, proportion, fraction
portion, serving, dose, helping, ration, feed
share, proportion, fraction, percentage, portion, part
выделять часть
давать приданое
portion, dower
делить на части
split, slice, parcel, section, intersect, portion
имя существительное
a part of a whole; an amount, section, or piece of something.
a portion of the jetty still stands
divide (something) into shares to be distributed among two or more people.
the fish are portioned out to the different families
A sister shares only half the portion of her brothers under the Quranic laws of inheritance - the assumption being that her husband will maintain her.
Madalena had been married to Ana's deceased brother, Luis, and Ana claimed that she had a right to a portion of his estate.
We opted to share a portion of raspberry crème brûlée with cream which tasted absolutely fabulous, full of raspberries with crisp caramelised sugar and rich cold cream.
In 1953, as Arthur lay on his deathbed, Comtessa Dialta claims he promised his illegitimate daughter, Liana, a portion of his estate.
a portion of ice cream
In this period the cost of the U.S. portion - the largest share of the project - began to draw the attention of NASA and the U.S. Congress.
It has 18 months from the June 30 date of listing to raise the portion of shares in public hands to one-quarter of the company.
One was a local view that presumably depicted a portion of the Deering estate, which encompassed Westbrook.
The electronic device can also portion the bandwidth to several independent streams simultaneously.
Sofia will sell a portion of its shares in Municipal Bank to reduce its stake to below 50 per cent, Sofia City Council decided on July 22.