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portfolio / портфель, папка, должность министра
имя существительное
portfolio, briefcase, schoolbag, brief-bag
folder, portfolio, document case, jacket
должность министра
имя существительное
a large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps.
Then she started picking up folders, portfolios , drawings, papers, everything important that she could find and locked it in her cabinet.
a range of investments held by a person or organization.
better returns on its investment portfolio
the position and duties of a minister of state or a member of a cabinet.
he took on the Foreign Affairs portfolio
имя прилагательное
relating to, denoting, or engaged in an employment pattern that involves a succession of short-term contracts and part-time work, rather than the more traditional model of a long-term single job.
portfolio careers allow women to balance work with family
For individuals interested in the creative side of advertising, having a portfolio of work that reflects your creative thinking ability is a must.
portfolio careers allow women to balance work with family
If you are in the process of buying the roof over your head, then it forms part of your investment portfolio .
This Minister might have his portfolio back, but he is certainly on a very short leash.
Sculptor Charles Long showed a wonderful portfolio of Iris prints that seemed to replicate a notebook.
Taiwan is a very attractive place to acquire models to complete our portfolio .
As Young explained: ‘We're always looking for opportunities to add a brand name to our portfolio .’
When we first asked him what he was capable of for political satire, he sent us the piece below as his portfolio .
The bell rang for class change and I got up from the table, placing my work in my portfolio and carrying it with me out into the crowded hallway again.
His fingers lost their iron grip, and the portfolio with the drawing paper fell to the ground, with my portrait landing at my feet.