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porterhouse / пивная, дешевый ресторан
имя существительное
pub, brasserie, alehouse, beerhouse, porterhouse, public house
дешевый ресторан
chophouse, porterhouse, dive, hash, hash house, eating house
имя существительное
an establishment at which porter and sometimes steaks were served.
Around 1814, this steak was served at a New York porterhouse and soon achieved national popularity.
Dry-aged, mesquite-grilled, topped with flavored butter: rib eye, porterhouse , or New York strip - a juicy steak is a timeless pleasure.
In the modern American diet, and especially in bodybuilding circles, leaner cuts, such as porterhouse , filet mignon and T-bones, are more popular.
Even the porterhouse is terrific, and fairly priced, too.
It's the bite of potato you have in between bites of rare porterhouse .
Three ounces of porterhouse or T-bone (trimmed of all fat around the outside of the steak), for example, dispatches five or six grams of saturated fat to your coronary arteries.
That isn't true of the suckling pig, which was dry and chewy (although there's a delicious pressed pork sandwich served at lunch), or the porterhouse , which my friend the steak nut pronounced ‘a little on the wee side.’
Saturday's porterhouse is delicious, and Sunday's roast chicken is equally excellent - so why is the regular menu's salt-rubbed sirloin tough, dry, and inferior?
If you feel like spending a lot of money order the very good porterhouse or the rib eye, which is cut in generously thick slices for two.
Tuscan steak is a porterhouse which can serve four people.
For more than a generation it served up sumptuous T-bones, porterhouse and rumps to an ever-hungry clientele.