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porter / портье, портер, швейцар
имя существительное
porter, receptionist, doorman
doorman, porter, janitor, usher, doorkeeper, commissionaire
имя существительное
a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railroad station, airport, or hotel.
The car drove off to the train station, and the porters put her luggage on the train.
dark brown bitter beer brewed from malt partly charred or browned by drying at a high temperature.
Three beer styles are eligible in the competition: sweet stout, brown porter and best bitter.
an employee in charge of the entrance of a hotel, apartment complex, or other large building.
The porters at the College and eleven hired security officials then detained a man at the instruction of the College Dean while the police were called.
The quick actions of the Kirkwall Hotel's night porter were praised by the police this week after he averted a potentially damaging fire.
a hospital porter
Hill has not yet been contacted by College authorities regarding the incident, but he has already apologised to the night porter .
Three beer styles are eligible in the competition: sweet stout, brown porter and best bitter.
Bread rationing was reintroduced in January 1947 as was soap rationing and, critically, beer and porter supplies were drastically reduced.
Back at the Midland Hotel I spoke to the night porter , Patrick, a former miner.
Adam engaged a porter to take our luggage and make sure it got on the ship and then pulled his watch out of his coat pocket.
He even made a list of duties for the night porter including an instruction to move the bed but he never had a chance to give it to him before the alarm.
a night porter
Moreover, they are not drinking the servant's traditional porter or ale, but ‘punch’.