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port / порт, отверстие, портвейн
имя существительное
port, harbor, waterfront, harbour
hole, opening, port, aperture, orifice, slot
имя прилагательное
left, port, sinister, near, nearside, left-hand
держать в строевой стойке
класть руля налево
имя существительное
a town or city with a harbor where ships load or unload, especially one where customs officers are stationed.
Over 33 ships are waiting at Colombian ports to load and unload cargo.
a strong, sweet, typically dark red fortified wine, originally from Portugal, typically drunk as a dessert wine.
In particular, I want to drive up the Douro valley from Porto to the vineyards where the grapes for port wine are grown, and I want to see more of the estuaries of the Galician coast.
the side of a ship or aircraft that is on the left when one is facing forward.
the ferry was listing to port
an aperture or opening, in particular.
the position required by an order to port a rifle or other weapon.
Parker had his rifle at the port
turn (a ship or its helm) to port.
The captain slowed and ported the vessel to pass around the monolith, and everyone took a good look at the horrid idol.
transfer (software) from one system or machine to another.
the software can be ported to an IBM RS/6000
carry (a rifle or other weapon) diagonally across and close to the body with the barrel or blade near the left shoulder.
Detail! For inspection—port arms!
The special facilities, which could be drained to allow repairs on ships' hulls, have been closed and the heavy machinery dismantled and moved to Liverpool's port .
Over the past four years, Namibia has invested significantly in upgrading the port at Walvis Bay and to a lesser extent, at Lüderitz.
a communications port for optional cellular and other wireless modules
A watchful eye is constantly kept by the patrol on the waters outside the base port .
Parker had his rifle at the port
For the port sorbet, in a medium bowl, combine the port , water, and the simple syrup and whisk to combine.
I don't care for sherry, one cannot drink stout and port is a wine I can well do without
There wasn't much food or water outside the main port cities where the Guild happens to have auction houses.
Parker had his rifle at the port
Aft of the forward stateroom is a second port side stateroom with private entrance and what I would describe as a large single or small double berth.