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porpoise / морская свинья, бурый дельфин
имя существительное
морская свинья
бурый дельфин
porpoise, bounce
bounce, jump, hop, bob up and down, bob, porpoise
имя существительное
a small toothed whale with a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout.
Irish waters are at least seasonally home to an impressive 24 species, ranging from the tiny harbour porpoise to the giant blue whales.
move through the water like a porpoise, alternately rising above it and submerging.
the boat began to porpoise badly
the boat began to porpoise badly
As we porpoise back to shore, I know that I can go deeper.
the boat began to porpoise badly
Finally, as the relative thrust decreases, the gains due to porpoising also decrease.
Complete isolation and frequent sightings of porpoises and minke whales set the scene.
This fish stripped virtually all the line from the reel and resulted in a fair bit of time to retrieve and then it was off again porpoising across the water - a magnificent sight.
Whales, dolphins, porpoises , seals and sea lions receive protection in the U.S. under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.
Swimming often includes porpoising (repeatedly breaking the water's surface with enough momentum to lift the bird into the air for about one meter.)
While the cod, pollack and haddock may have all but disappeared, you stand a good chance of spotting porpoises , minke whales and even the odd beluga.
More and more, researchers are finding out just how important sound is to cetaceans like dolphins, porpoises and whales.