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porous / пористый, ноздреватый, губчатый
имя прилагательное
porous, cellular, spongy, honeycombed, vesicular, mushy
porous, spongy, honeycomb, fungous
spongy, porous, pithy, fungous
имя прилагательное
(of a rock or other material) having minute spaces or holes through which liquid or air may pass.
The result is the formation of solid structures of a porous calcium carbonate rock also known as travertine.
He could not seem to hurt him, his defence was shockingly porous , and during most exchanges Sturm was a split-second ahead.
A porous paper may absorb a lot of the ink and as a result, the colors may be lighter.
Most of the outer islands of the southern Tongass are made of limestone, a relatively soft, porous rock.
Capillary action of the porous material pulls the ammonia borane into the pores of the support.
His stock also has been hurt by being shuffled around a lot on a porous defense.
Four veteran starters were signed as free agents to shore up the middle of the league's most porous defense.
You may even want to go over it with a primer if the material is porous .
The quick pace also has helped keep the porous defense more alert and involved.
An aquifer is an underground bed of earth, gravel or porous stone that stores water.
Most masonry materials are porous and will absorb large amounts of water.