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porky / жирный, толстый, сальный
имя прилагательное
fatty, fat, oily, greasy, rich, porky
thick, fat, stout, fleshy, heavy, porky
sebaceous, greasy, fat, porky, tallowy, adipose
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of their body) fleshy or fat.
Opposite me, a porky man devoured his three double cheeseburgers in a panic.
of or resembling pork.
имя существительное
a porcupine.
Old Bruce is not happy to be reminded that he was once a porky loser who talks as if his mouth is full of spit and looks like a living donut.
He then decided this was not nearly traumatic enough an experience for me and went on to squeeze unused sachets of mayonnaise into his porky little mouth and gobble this down too.
It seems the porky guard's brother-in-law can pull strings on the parole board, and good boxers can write their ticket to an early parole.
Nine unusual porky pets are desperate to find new homes.
It seems to me that the word has gone out amongst the porky community, because they're beginning to fight back.
The health warnings before you start each tape indicate real fears of porky viewers overdoing it.
What worries me about McConnell in the gym is not that he still looks porky , but his determination to prove himself a dynamic and active leader.
In fact, looking at the porky physiques on parade at the Lakeside, it's doubtful whether they could even manage a hop or a skip, let alone the jump.
You'd think they couldn't ruin a steak, surely there's a rubicund, porky chef, with a hat, prodding and turning steaks over a hot griddle.
Opposite me, a porky man devoured his three double cheeseburgers in a panic.