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pork / свинина, кормушка
имя существительное
pork, pig, brawn
feeder, trough, manger, crib, rack, pork
имя прилагательное
pork, porcine, piggish
имя существительное
the flesh of a pig used as food, especially when uncured.
Beef, mutton, pork and venison were common meats, and communities close to the coast could expect to widen their diets with fish and shellfish.
(of a man) have sexual intercourse with.
stuff oneself with food; overeat.
I porked out on the roast pig
While we're at it, what about a slice of government pork for those of us who crochet?
President Bush should insist that subsidies and pork be removed or veto the bills.
I had a soft, steaming mound of it with some of the butcher's pork and leek sausages the other day, but it would have gone just as well with a Sunday roast.
Egyptian peasants continued to keep pigs as late as 1350 bc, and pork was allowed as food on certain holy days.
The pork and leek sausage tasted supermarket-bought, and the mash was on day release from potato prison.
Look out for phony attempts to include populist spending to disguise the wasteful pork spent on corporate farming subsidies.
Taxes get wasted of a lot of foolish projects, government pork and corporate welfare.
She shops for pork chops and clams and yuks it up with the counterpeople.
We often end up with the same sort of horsetrading that goes on in the US: governments offer pork in return for votes.
My rule used to be to pan-fry pork chops for eight minutes on one side and five minutes on the other.