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porch / крыльцо, веранда, подъезд
имя существительное
veranda, verandah, porch, terrace, piazza, stoop
имя существительное
a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building.
There is a covered porch and two front doors to the dwelling and an arched entrance at the side.
The outer front door of the porch had a mortise lock which had showed no signs of being forced.
Daniel and Lydia sat out on the porch for many hours
He lowered himself down the last few feet onto the roof of the porch and then stood still for a moment to regain his balance.
In front of the church he spotted a group of refugees who had been sleeping on straw in front of the porch .
Nate followed the Petrov sisters though a dimly lit pathway to the porch and front door.
the front porch
Entry is via an enclosed porch to a wide entrance hall with understairs storage and coat closet.
the north porch of Hereford Cathedral
He had apparently climbed onto the porch from his upstairs bedroom window.
She went up on to the porch and knocked on the white door that had a window with lace curtains on it.