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population / население, жители, народонаселение
имя существительное
population, people, populace, country
people, population
имя существительное
all the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country.
the island has a population of about 78,000
the island has a population of about 78,000
We both know that the Maori population were the original inhabitants of the land.
Does this have anything to do with the large Mexican-American population in the area?
That is not to say that the larger towns in the county have also seen a growth in the population .
areas of sparse population
The current elephant population in the provincial area is around 300 elephants.
The Chicago suburb has a large population of immigrants, including many from countries such as Iraq and Iran.
The difference between these numbers expresses the rate of natural growth of the population per 1,000 inhabitants.
DNA data will help create a clear picture of the area's nurse shark population and its dynamics.
With a large area and small population , Botswana also faced the problem of access to services in rural areas.