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popularly / популярно, всенародно, всем народом
всем народом
by many or most people; generally.
advancing age is popularly associated with a declining capacity for work
Yudhoyono is banking on the compensation plan, plus his reputation as the country's first popularly elected president, to prevent mass political action against the government.
As a first step, Tung should push for more directly elected legislature seats, less than half of which are popularly chosen.
Rugby, racing and beer are popularly associated with significant vernacular rituals in Australia and New Zealand.
The default comes at the sacrifice of accountability, or what is popularly termed transparency.
In England, France, and generally on the Continent notions of legislative supremacy dictated that the popularly elected parts of government were not to be restrained by appointed judges.
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus, popularly known simply as Tiberius, was the Roman emperor at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Ostentatiously, a person's income dictates his ‘taste’, which is popularly associated with his dress, the restaurants he frequents, and the people he associates with.
Grieg's score is more extensive than is popularly believed, and runs in its entirety to no fewer than 32 numbers, amounting to almost 90 minutes of music.
The president is popularly elected and must receive a majority of the vote.
After all, what guarantees do we have that a new popularly elected president will be more democratic than Mubarak or any of his predecessors of the First Republic?