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popularize / популяризировать, излагать в общедоступной форме
popularize, sell, plug
излагать в общедоступной форме
cause (something) to become generally liked.
his books have done much to popularize the sport
his books have done much to popularize the sport
First it was necessary to popularize the view of universities across the country as an unmitigated breeding ground for ‘terrorist thought.’
Syarif discussed the need to popularize the sport earlier this year.
Someone may form some sort of acting guild and spread or popularize it in the form of something like the samurai ‘cut-em-up’ film.
Probably the one publication which has done more than any other to popularize the Cognitive Linguistics movement was Lakoff and Johnson's short and very readable book, Metaphors We Live By.
He points out that clubs help rally local fans for group activities and even participation in formal motorcycle racing competitions to further popularize the sport.
his books have done much to popularize the sport
Contemporary education has gone from elitist occupation to popularization , so that the number of female graduate students is increasing rapidly.
In many ways I think he's the new Stephen Jay Gould, synthesizing and popularizing complex scientific ideas.
It is said to be a reminder of how important a female monarch was in popularising the sport.