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poppycock / чепуха, вздор
имя существительное
nonsense, stuff, crap, applesauce, malarkey, poppycock
nonsense, blah, rubbish, baloney, humbug, poppycock
имя существительное
‘It was all absolute nonsense, complete poppycock ,’ said Lennon.
It's a load of poppycock we hear talked about us, but it's a great motivational tool.
I've got to say that it's absolute balderdash and poppycock .
Which, of course, is pure poppycock , but perhaps inevitable.
All this poppycock about not having educated workforces, all this stuff about, well, you're crying protectionism, you're China-bashing.
And to suggest that Ireland, as a sovereign Republic, should not be entitled to lay down certain conditions for citizenship on the grounds that this might somehow be racist or unjustly discriminatory is pure poppycock .
It should have been called nonsense and poppycock , but it was tempting to believe it as prices just kept rocketing.
While it is easier to cast these rumours aside as poppycock , some of them are definitely worth paying attention to.
And all this talk of it being a man's world is pure balderdash, poppycock and gibberish.
Therefore, when Dr Yates argues that children should start counting from zero, we know that he is attempting to popularize poppycock .
To address all of this, I should start by saying from the offset that I view ‘summer reading’ as a load of poppycock .