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popper / стрелок, огнестрельное оружие
имя существительное
shooter, gunner, shot, rifleman, gun, popper
огнестрельное оружие
firearm, gun, popper, shooting iron, shooter, barker
имя существительное
a thing that makes a popping sound, in particular.
Actually, there were quite a lot of little rockets and poppers .
Whilst he is hardly conscious off stage, Tom, not averse to the odd popper or pill thrill, tries to grab Sarah and, I do not kid you, dies in the attempt.
My drug is not recreational - not taken to heighten the pleasure of the dance, not a popper to extend the sexual experience.
A lot depends on the depth of water you're fishing over: sometimes you'll need a deep diver whereas on other occasions even a surface popper will be called for.
Some severely infected seeds look scorched, as if someone mistook them for popcorn and threw them in a popper .
And this little popper can't do anything but blow a few gusts of air around.
As she walked into the kitchen he was just in the process of heaping handfuls of the kernels into the corn popper that was already heated up.
Caught by rush of tide pouring through the channel, line and popper were swept along, with me frantically untangling the mess of fly-line.
It is essentially a modified hot-air popcorn popper , with an added nifty chamber which collects the chaff from the coffee beans as they roast.
Last night our popcorn popper blew up right in front of me in a explosion of blue flashes, sparks and a noise like grinding gears.
Easily persuaded, I went in to make some delicious air-popped popcorn in our vintage 1980s air popper .