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poppa / папа, папаша, отрывистый звук
имя существительное
dad, daddy, pope, papa, pa, poppa
pop, guv, poppa
отрывистый звук
pop, poppa
Just because my poppa thinks you're the best thing since seal fat doesn't mean I have to like you.
I tried to escape, but they ran me down with an ambulance and then the man who brought me out of my poppa 's house came by with flowers.
But the poor fellow is having trouble with his step-daughter who prefers strolling on the boatdeck with shipmate Ham to doing the chores for poppa .
The kids were asleep, the house a tip after a 10-hour marathon of sheet-changing, brow-mopping and providing endless supplies of cool drinks and constant assurances that poppa was on his way.
Give poppa a hug and send some more money this way.
They would have their time with poppa painting.
Over 50 years, we watch Andy grow from being a staid, simple, Catholic poppa 's boy, to being a staid, simple Massachusetts senator with a frightening resemblance to John Kerry.
No wonder momma and poppa won't let me play here.
How on earth will you become a doctor to help your mumma and poppa when you grow up and get out of this house?
A proud poppa , he displays his many children around the swimming pool.