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poplar / тополь
имя существительное
имя существительное
a tall, fast-growing tree of north temperate regions, widely grown in shelter belts and for timber and pulp.
Upstairs, corner windows in bedrooms give more sweeping views of the property's black cherry trees, poplars and white pines.
At a height of 19 metres and 22 metres, the poplar and ginkgo trees have been standing there for over 200 years.
The trees include willow, cherry, poplar , acers, larch, ash, birch, sycamore, elder and sitka spruce.
The poplar and willow trees line the opposite bank of the River Kennet from the Town Mill homes.
Apple, willow, birch, poplar , citrus, alder and maple are varieties we have used.
In Prussia the coal of the alder, limetree, poplar , elder, willow, hemp, and hazel is used for powder.
They use invader species of trees - eucalyptus, poplar , pine and cedar - to produce exciting wooden pots and other forms of art.
Rosemary, thyme, blackberry bushes and wild flowers abound near the river banks, shadowed by poplars and pine trees.
Hurricane Hugo had just come through, leveling the tulip poplars and other trees that had obstructed a view of the town and the Virginia mountains in the distance.
Birches, tulip poplars , and hickories, are yellow in the fall.
Along many canals, settlers had planted native cottonwood trees or imported species, like poplars , salt cedars, and pecans, at regular intervals.