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popcorn / попкорн, воздушная кукуруза, жареные кукурузные зерна
имя существительное
воздушная кукуруза
жареные кукурузные зерна
имя существительное
corn of a variety with hard kernels that swell up and burst open with a pop when heated.
They popped popcorn and sat on the floor, all of them wrapped up in a blanket together.
The five-star popcorn is free and it pops in a nice machine!
We passed around popcorn and candy but when it ran out no one left the TV to get more.
I could smell popcorn , candy floss and dusk in the air, and I was enjoying every moment of it.
It could be popcorn and chocolates or something a bit stronger on your average night out at the flicks.
The big bag of popcorn she bought could serve as hours of TV snacks for her.
The other big question is: will garlic bread sit alongside popcorn on the menu?
Makalo laughed as she slowly pulled out a box of chocolate covered popcorn .
The movie theater we went to was really cool because at night they sold ice cream instead of popcorn .
The air smelled of cotton candy and popcorn , the fresh and tantalizing aromas of childhood.
And believe me when I say I do not have shares in any bakeries or popcorn companies.