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pop-up / всплывающий, выскакивающий кверху
имя прилагательное
pop-up, supernatant
выскакивающий кверху
имя существительное
a pop-up picture in a book.
Part of the design aspect of the books included pop-ups .
a pop-up menu or other utility.
On a mobile device, usability is key when there is so little time or functionality for fiddling with menus, pop-ups or mousing around.
a pop-up store.
Those last two shops are retail pop-ups , on short leases for the holidays.
имя прилагательное
(of a book or greeting card) containing folded cut-out pictures that rise up to form a three-dimensional scene or figure when the page is turned.
A pop-up book aimed at adults, this work illustrates in three dimensions every nightmare you've ever had, and some you don't want to know about.
denoting a store or other business that opens quickly in a temporary location and is intended to operate for only a short period of time.
fashion brands have been especially keen on pop-up stores in recent months
Several cards can be bound together to make a unique pop-up book, for which students can write stories to go with the pop-out designs.
This object-based context sensitivity is now widely used in mouse-driven pop-up menus, pull-down menus, and all dialog boxes.
It is a beautifully illustrated pop-up with a new slant on the children's classic.
The box has some decidedly pop-up book style spinners and moving parts that are clever and fun.
The pop-up menu also provides a screen for modifying permissions and ownerships.
He is the author/illustrator of colorful, interactive pop-up books featuring the character Max.
As pop-up toasters are covered under the Quality Control Order, 1981, they have to conform to the safety standards.
Jasmine's presents included a kite, pop-up book, a mug with her name on and a magical colouring book.
It's simple set evokes a pop-up picture book with lots of opening doors and windows, secret entrances and levels.
They were introduced to handmade pop-up books and samples demonstrating the ‘how-to's’ of book construction.