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pop-under / поп-под
имя прилагательное
relating to, or denoting an additional window, usually an advertisement, that is under a web browser's main or current window and appears when a user tries to exit.
The latest pop-window trend to hit the Internet is the pop-under window.
What this means is that there will be no pop-up or pop-under ads.
The latest pop-window trend to hit the Internet is the pop-under window.
These links will take you to the ‘opt out’ feature of the respective ad server and prevent those annoying pop-up and pop-under adverts.
Ads are becoming more intrusive: Stealthy pop-under ads, rich media ads that enable animated objects to cross your screen, spyware masquerading as ads, and junk email annoy consumers.
According to that report advertisers purchased and launched more than 11.3 billion pop-up ad impressions (including pop-under ads) during the first seven months of 2002.
One suggestion I have had is to use a pop-under window, but I find them annoying and don't want to annoy other people.
When is the last time you read a pop-up or pop-under ad?
In terms of display ads, the banner has been supplanted to a certain extent by pop-over and then pop-under ads with the idea that bigger is better and maybe the element of surprise will help.
Pop-up ads and their newer incarnation, the pop-under ad, are often not appreciated by users on the Web.
More annoying than a little kid with a drum set: Those pop-under ads that have exploded into use on the Internet may become a little less common.