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pop / хлопнуть, хлопать, палить
pop, plop, bang, swat
clap, slam, slap, pop, flap, smack
scorch, fire, burn, pop off, pop, plink
имя прилагательное
popular, pop, pops, in great request, well-known, sought-after
pop, pops
имя существительное
dad, daddy, pope, papa, pa, pop
pop, guv, poppa
suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, all at once, pop, short
с шумом
pop, slapbang
имя прилагательное
of or relating to commercial popular music.
a pop star
(especially of a technical, scientific, or academic subject) made accessible to the general public; popularized.
pop psychology
имя существительное
a light explosive sound.
at first there were just a few pops, perhaps from pistols
a patch of bright color.
I like wearing a neutral outfit with one pop of yellow
a ball hit high in the air but not deep, providing an easy catch.
Although brilliant with the glove, Power became a source of controversy because of the one-handed style that he used on ground balls and pop-ups .
an attempt.
he grabs with a paw and hooks about two hundred berries at a pop
commercial popular music, in particular accessible, tuneful music of a kind popular since the 1950s and sometimes contrasted with rock, soul, or other forms of popular music.
From The Smiths to Nirvana, much of the best pop and rock music has been made by fans.
make a light explosive sound.
corks popped, glasses tinkled, and delicate canapés were served
go somewhere, typically for a short time and often without notice.
she popped in to see if she could help
(of a batter) hit a pop fly.
In the second inning, the Cubs had Run Santo on second and Jerry Kindall on first when Ed Bouchee popped to second baseman Julian Javier.
take or inject (a drug).
people who obsessively drink and pop pills
pawn (something).
I had to pop the silver, dear.
with a light explosive sound.
the champagne went pop
A quiet little snack bar located inside a relaxed study area, it deals primarily in pastries and coffee but also has pop , chips and… soup!
The programme seems to combine elements of pop psychology with an odd form of existentialism.
My ears pop , as if submerging in water then resurfacing.
a bottle of pop
I like wearing a neutral outfit with one pop of yellow
Pogue says he and other witnesses heard what sounded like a pop , followed by four gunshots, in rapid succession.
What can you accomplish with a mostly ambient instrumental song that you can't with pop or rock music?
They have plastic carrier bags with them, with crisps and fizzy pop and stuff in them.
Or, in the language of pop psychology, were men from Mars and women from Venus?
I thought no, the going's good, I'll give it one more pop .