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poorly / плохо, неудачно, скудно
poorly, badly, ill, amiss, illy, commonly
poorly, abortively, awry
scantily, poorly, sparingly, skimpily, baldly, meanly
имя прилагательное
unfrequented, thinly populated, poorly
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, poorly
имя прилагательное
she looked poorly
in a way or at a level that is considered inadequate.
schools that were performing poorly
In comparison, Geraldton meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday were poorly attended.
It is also the case that the BBC performs rather poorly when it is most concerned about ratings and loses sight of reach.
Under the star ratings system, trusts could still do well overall even if they performed poorly on financial management.
Zoe Bird, 26, was forced to walk for an hour to reach her home with poorly toddler son Ryan after they were forced to leave the car.
The KPU has also been performing poorly in conducting public campaigns about the elections.
They have opened a hospice for poorly cats and dogs and I decided I wanted to help them out.
In fact, even when she is poorly Sophie just keeps going until she just can't do any more.
A few have nets, but most are forced to try to make some money as poorly paid day labourers.
A year ago I was in a poorly state, and my heart was protesting in the only way it knows.
She finally called it a day and left without even seeing her poorly pal.